The organisation provides two types of services, one from the Hospital to Home and second from Home to the Crematorium. AnthimaYatra is provide their services to different communities of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, etc.

Support for the smallest of funeral requirements:

  • From biers to garlands.
  • Anthima Yatra Vehicle, with seats for accompanying mourners. We will carry your deceased loved-one  safely, from your home to the cremation site.
  • Purohit / Pandit / Brahmin / Jangam can be arranged on Request.
  • Discreet assistance at the funeral grounds.
  • Help with applications for an official death certificate.
  • Temporary storage – Dead Body Freezer Box, if so required
  • Co-ordination services with agencies and hospitals for eye or organ donations.
  • Assistance to arrange quiet and decorous prayer meeting later.
  • A helping-hand. Always.


AnthimaYatra Seva will respond :
A well-appointed, Anthima Yatra Vehicle (Last Journey Vehicle) will arrive punctually at your door step.

 The Anthima Yatra Vehicle has:

  • A coordinator, Helper Cum a Driver
  • Seating for a few mourners
  • Spiritual recitations or chanting of religious slokas in the background

A Funeral Co-ordinator (Social Worker) takes charge of the event

  • Brings all the requisites in the Anthima Yatra Vehicle
    Funeral Ritual Material will provided, if so required
  • Earthen pot
  • Bier / Stretcher (ready to use)
  • Flowers/garlands, salt, ghee and other requisites

At the Crematorium

  • Executes the whole process quietly and discreetly
  • Ensures that the ashes are recovered & handed over to the family
  • Completes formality to obtain Official Death certificate from GHMC


Service Details:

  • Location       : Available in Hyderabad
  • Timings        : 7 am to 7 pm daily – including Sundays & Holidays
  • Telephone   : 91 – 9849508646

“We ensure that Last journey of your beloved one is simple and dignified”